Eastar’s colorants business unit is registered as a separate US limited liability company, Eastar Colorants Co. Ltd. Our mission is to be a reliable, value-driven supplier of unique and high-performance colorants. Eastar's strong international team of research and development experts, coupled with low-cost production in China, allows Eastar to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for their customers in the continually, competitive colorants industry.

Since the founding of Eastar over 30 years ago, its colorants business has always been an important part of the overall Eastar business. Eastar invested in not just in its own facility, a joint venture company called Shenyang Eastar Jiahe Co. Ltd., but also fostered the growth and partnership of a number of qualified, alliance manufacturers in China. Eastar assists its alliance manufacturers with investment, technology, production, quality control and assurance, and overall project/product management.

Eastar’s colorants business supplies a full range of unique pigments, dispersions, and specialty dyes. We listen to our customers' needs and design our portfolio of technologies, products and services to deliver a comprehensive solution to our customers. Our products are used in different application areas such as coatings, plastics, printing inks, leather, textile, and paper. Over the years, we have become a strategic supply partner to many multinational and small custom production customers in the Americas, Europe, and parts of Asia.

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