Eastar markets pharmaceutical products, technologies and services to the Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

For over 30 years, Eastar has worked closely with and developed strong relationships in the Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Eastar Industries turns our supply base and China network into our customers and partners. We have an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese companies' market strategies, products, capacity, chemistries, technologies and organizational structures. This allows Eastar to quickly identify the customers and partners, then focus our resources appropriately.

Eastar Industries LLC and its sister company, Eastar International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., are focused in three areas of business.

Drug Products:

Eastar Industries licenses and imports drug products to commercialize in China. Eastar is interested in licensing either late stage, filed, marketed or pending registration products from pharmaceutical companies based in Europe or US.  

Drug Technologies:

Eastar Industries licenses proprietary drug delivery technologies from US and Europe. We combine the high level expertise of US and European companies with low cost research and development infrastructure in China to efficiently develop new products for commercialization.


Eastar Industries assists Chinese pharmaceutical companies to be more competitive. The services we have provide to the Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical industries include:
· Import and supply advanced and novel APIs
· cGMP guidance and training
· Laboratory and plant design
· Import proprietary chemical products and technologies
· International legal and patent assistance
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