Eastar Chemical Corporation

Eastar is a California corporation that provides procurement, custom manufacturing, logistics and regulatory compliance service to the global pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. With over 30 years of experience and track record, Eastar is a trusted and respected supplier and partner in the pharmaceutical fine chemical and specialty chemical industries.

Eastar supplies fine and specialty chemicals to many industries, including life sciences, veterinary, food, cosmetics and personal care, electronics (semiconductor and LCD), textiles, paper and pulp, leather, inks, paint and coating, flame retardants, plastics, polymers, and related industries.

Eastar is managed by a team of international professionals with extensive experience in the US and European pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries. Our China operation is fully staffed to manage procurement, project management, process development, production management, quality control and assurance, logistics, and regulatory compliance. An experienced management team with an operational staff in China enables Eastar to better service their customers’ needs and insures supply quality, reliability and on-time delivery.

Eastar maintains cooperative and partner relationships with the best-in-class research development organizations in US and Europe. Eastar's broad range of chemistry capabilities allows them to develop and custom manufacture an extensive range of tailor-made products for customers from various industries. Eastar is able to develop innovative and alternative pathways when appropriate and, at the same time, perform general reactions to bring the most value to their customers.

In addition to reselling products from qualified Chinese producers, Eastar custom produces at its affiliated facilities and subcontract facilities. Custom projects can be produced at Eastar’s affiliate facilities: Eastar Jiahe Colorants, Guizhou Eastar, and Changshu Accord. For products that is not suitable in our affiliate facilities, Eastar has qualified and manages subcontract facilities in China with a broad range of batch processing and handling capabilities, from gram to thousands of metric ton quantities.

This combination of professional management, access to technologically-advanced chemistry solutions and the low-cost production in China enables Eastar to better serve their customers. Where many supplies avoid and shy from stringent requirements and difficult chemistry problems, Eastar is well prepared and positioned to complete the difficult projects successfully.

Eastar services our global customers through 3 business units and through Eastar Industries Co. LLC, our China Sales business, we service the Chinese pharmaceutical market

China Sales (Eastar Industries Co. LLC and sister company Eastar International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.), spearheaded by Tony Chu, is focused in three areas of business:

At Eastar, we are responsive, dependable, quality-driven and fully committed to our customers’ success. Our strong infrastructure in China with an experienced, international management team enables Eastar to build a strong cooperative and partnership relationships with their global customers and best-in-class suppliers in China. With a successful track record of 30 years, Eastar welcome further developments with their long-time customer partners and new clients.

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