For over 30 years, Eastar been a trusted supplier of fine and specialty chemicals produced in China. We have been involved in the supply management of critical and unique projects for multinational customers and small custom producers. The services Eastar provides include:

Custom Manufacturing:

Chemical synthesis is our strongest skill. Our broad range of chemistry capabilities allows Eastar to develop and manufacture an extensive range of tailor-made products for customers in numerous industries. Eastar has the experience to develop innovative and alternative pathways when appropriate and, at the same time, perform general reactions to bring the most value to their customers. Eastar’s capabilities’ production span from a gram for the pharmaceutical industry to thousands of metric ton quantities in polymers and monomers.

Our affiliate and our subcontract facilities in China are focused on reliable quality and low-cost production. Some highlights include:

Research & Development:

To insure the successes of our customers’ project and procurement needs, Eastar’s technical team has extensive experience in working with our customers and China supplier partners to:

Project Management:

One of Eastar's main added values is the quality and technical management of projects. Our bi-lingual project managers are involved with all phases of the project:

Procurement Services:

Eastar's procurement services is managed by experienced bi-lingual professionals:

Import/Export Services:

Avoid unnecessary costs with Eastar’s China import/export subsidiary, Shanghai Eastar Trading Company.

Logistics Services:

Eastar's logistics team -

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance:

Eastar’s Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) team is well trained in quality and regulatory compliance. Our team’s ability is drawn from well-known expert consultants in USA, Europe and China. They have experience in managing the overall quality program; preparing DMFs and COSs; compliance of cGMP for PIC, USA and China FDA; implementing Environment/Health/Safety, ISO, Kosher systems.

The tasks they perform include:

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