Pharmaceutical Products

At Eastar Pharmaceutical Products (Eastar Pharma) business unit, our mission is to be a strategic supply partner of pharmaceuticals and veterinary intermediates, active ingredients (API's) and drug products to global customers. Eastar's focus is to deliver quality products and solutions at a sustainable low cost.

Eastar Pharma cooperates with their customers and/or innovative research development organizations in US and Europe to license and develop unique chemistries and processes. The chemistry is scaled up in Eastar's process development lab and transferred to Eastar's affiliate manufacturing plants or their subcontract production facilities in China. Eastar's international team of managers oversees the overall project management, quality control and assurance, regulatory compliance, logistics, and technical support to insure that quality products at a sustainable low cost are delivered to our customers on schedule.

Project Management

Eastar's added value relies on the quality and technical management of projects. Each project is overseen by a project manager with the relevant technical or commercial background. All project managers have the ability to communicate in Chinese and English and therefore insure good communication and coordination through all stages of the project.
Our project management team has built a very good knowledge of the Chinese Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. They regularly visit plants all over China to know the latest developments in producers' chemistry and production capabilities. They also oversee projects on site during manufacturing phases.
Their role is to insure that customer projects go smoothly and that possible issues are addressed swiftly to avoid delay and cost drifts.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Eastar Pharma is not only committed to deliver quality and compliant products but also leverages its quality system and practices as a competitive advantage.

Our quality department, as well as our management, see GMP as a prerequisite and strongly advocate the enforcement of GMP regulation in API manufacturing. Quality management receives training and consults with international experts on GMP and regulatory compliance.

Our quality department responsibilities include GMP quality practices such as training and audits. Furthermore, our quality department employs a team of experienced, technical personnel that performs regular and unannounced inspections and, as needed, monitor quality control and regulatory compliance during production phases on site at manufacturing facilities.
Quality management at Eastar uses tools which are well established and inspired from TQM, ISO and Six Sigma.

Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Intermediates

With its extensive manufacturing and supply network, Eastar supplies numerous intermediates manufactured by various technologies at low and sustainable costs.

Eastar provides development capabilities and technical expertise to custom manufacture intermediates that are not available in China or for which there is a specific requirement which is not met with the current supply.

Eastar guarantees that your confidential information will be kept confidential and secure and is used to engage in contractual long-term, constructive relationships.


A pharmaceutical intermediate is a material produced during the synthesis of an API. An intermediate undergoes molecular change and purification before it becomes the API. Each reaction step may create one or more intermediates. It is a chemical compound formed in a stage between the raw materials and the final active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) -the pharmaceutically active substance (molecule) in a drug.

Eastar’s pharmaceutical intermediate business is its company’s long-term commitment and focuses on quality, environment, compliance, and low sustainable cost.

Drug Products

Eastar in involved in development and manufacturing of implant drug product for birth control and other pharmaceutical applications. Please contact us for more information.

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Advisor of Pharmaceutical Products

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