Coating & Paint Products

Product nameCAS numberabbr.MolecularUse
Co Octoate 10%/12%136-52-7C16H30CoO4Paint & Coating
Mn Octoate 10%13434-24-7C16H30MnO4Paint & Coating
Zirconium Octoate 12%/18%22464-99-9C32H60O8ZrPaint & Coating
Lead Octoate 36%301-08-6C16H30O4PbPaint & Coating
Zn Octoate 18%85203-82-23Paint & Coating
Ca Octoate 10%27253-33-4C20H38CaO4Paint & Coating
Mica12001-26-2Al2H2K2O6SiPaints, Coatings
Titanium dioxide13463-67-7O2TiPaint & Coating
Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (MEKO)96-29-7C4H9NOPaint, Varnish, Printing ink
PEG-60 Hydrogenated caster oil/HK-HCO6061788-85-0C21H23ClFNO2Lubrications, Greases, Coatings, PVC, Inks
PEG-60 Hydrogenated caster oil/HK-HCO4061788-85-0C21H23ClFNO2Lubrications, Greases, Coatings, PVC, Inks

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