Eastar Specialty Chemicals is a business unit of Eastar Chemical Corporation whose mission is to provide specialty chemicals, intermediates and advanced products, including custom and toll-produced products to demanding customers globally from its plants, manufacturing partners and subsidiaries.

Our Business

Eastar Specialty Chemicals utilizes its manufacturing base (affiliate plants) and its sub contract production partners in China to deliver quality products at a sustainable low cost. Eastar differentiates itself primarily by its thorough project management and quality management practices.

Our products are produced in China by Eastar-owned plants (affiliate plants) and sub contract partner plants under the direct supervision of Eastar Management and Quality Control Personnel.

Eastar operates synthesis laboratories, pilot plants and analytical labs which have the latest equipment and are staffed with qualified chemists and engineers, developing unique processes to serve their customers.

All custom and toll projects are assigned a project manager with relevant technical or commercial background. Eastar project managers have the ability to communicate in Chinese and English, guaranteeing good communication and coordination.

Much of our business is conducted under confidentiality and exclusivity agreements. Protection of our customers' intellectual properties is a high priority at Eastar.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Eastar Specialty Chemicals is not only committed to delivering quality and compliant products but also leverages its quality system and practices competitively.

Most of our production plants are ISO 9000/9001-certified and practice quality levels at or approaching cGMP. Our Quality Control Personnel regularly audit our outside plants to confirm compliance with the appropriate standards. Eastar often supervises plant personnel training and initiates corrective actions as needed.

Eastar's plants are always open to their customers for quality inspection and EHS compliance audits.

For more information please contact:

Howard Brainard
VP of Specialty Chemicals

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